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English & Spanish to Italian

Do you need to translate your message from English or Spanish to Italian, but don’t want it to read like “translationese”? Contact me to assess your needs and get a free quote for a natural sounding Italian translation!

Translation requires not only a thorough knowledge of both languages, but also technical terminology, style and intended audience.

That is why you need a professional translator with cultural knowledge to convey your message successfully.

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Editing & proofreading

For the Italian language

Imagine reading a sentence where everything seems perfect.

But when you read it again, you notice an error you didn’t spot the first time…

That’s why proofreading and editing are essential during the translation process!

They aim to ensure that the translation is high quality, accurate and conveys the original intended meaning.

Want to avoid discovering that you just sent a brochure to print with an error?

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Quality assurance

You might think that after the translation and proofreading and/or editing stage, your text is finally ready to be published or printed, but…did you check the formatting of the translated text?

Your translation might be longer or shorter than the original text and this might require some adjustments to the layout of the document.

Some special or bold characters may also have been lost.

That is why it is important to compare the original formatted text with the translated formatted text in order to ensure that your translation is spotless, both from a linguistic and a design point of view.

Do you want to make sure that your translation is spotless and ready to be used in your target market?

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Transcreation & copy editing

In particularly creative contexts, such as advertising, a straightforward translation might not be enough to convey your message and engage your target audience.

That is why a more creative translation may be the right solution for you!

Transcreation and copy editing are slightly different processes to translation and editing, as they require a higher level of creativity and knowledge of the target culture and providing different proposals which are consistent with any graphical elements you want to use.

It is a challenge that I always take on very gladly, as it pushes me to dig deep into my native language and culture and learn new things at the same time.

Do you need to translate a creative document and do not want it to be lost in translation?

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Do you have a well-trained machine translation engine, but want to achieve a more natural flow in your translation? I can help you with post-editing!

It should be noted that the quality provided by machine translation technology varies greatly depending on a number of factors, such as machine translation engine quality and text type (machine translation does not work well for creative texts, for example), so it is important to determine the quality you want to achieve in advance.

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